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Customs Compliance

Informed Compliance and Reasonable Care

U.S. Customs and Border Protection have redefined the relationship between Customs and the importers. Current U.S. Customs policies require importers to exercise Reasonable Care over their Customs transaction. That includes but is not limited to the accurate reporting of entry documentation such as tariff classification, valuation and other government agency (i.e. FDA) requirements

Customs further expects importers to achieve a high level of Informed Compliance through the periodic review of import activities and an increased reliance on the importers business systems, internal policies and procedures.

Today more than ever it is essential that importers develop and implement trade strategies that take into account the compliance of their import transaction.

Affiliated leads you down the right path!

Affiliated has the experience and know-how needed to help you structure your Customs affairs. Our advisors will work with you to review your import and export activities; to identify and report any errors and/or omissions, to develop and document areas of potential savings in order to meet and exceed Customs Reasonable Care expectations.

Affiliated excels at developing internal Customs compliance management programs and creating procedures that will ensure compliance with Customs and other government agency requirements.

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