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Affiliated retraces the origin!

Free trade agreements such as the North-American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) grant importers substantial or even complete reductions of customs duties on qualifying goods.

In order to benefit from the advantages afforded under a free trade agreement, importers must ensure that their imported goods are covered by valid certificates of origin. If called upon, persons issuing free trade certificates of origin (exporters) must be prepared to provide to the Customs authorities, satisfactory evidence that the goods qualify under the rules of origin. Certification of the originating status of a good should be left to those persons possessing a sufficient knowledge of the free trade rules of origin, the harmonized system of tariff classification, customs valuation and the finished goods.

Our advisors can conduct comprehensive origin analyses to determine the origin of your goods. In instances where a good is found not to originate under a free trade agreement, we can recommend solutions, which if acted upon could render the good as originating under a particular free trade agreement.

Certificate of Origin

Companies that wish to benefit from the preferential tariffs afforded under a free trade agreement – such as the NAFTA – must ensure they have in their possession a valid certificate of origin at the time of importation. Affiliated's experts can verify, register, renew and manage all your certificates of origin. Furthermore, we can respond on your behalf to requests from the government and supply technical assistance to your suppliers. We can also secure from the Canadian and American Customs authorities confirmation (Advanced Ruling) of the origin of your imported goods in order to protect you from future duty assessments, accrued interest and/or of penalties.

Did you know?

The customs authorities estimate tha 50% of all NAFTA certificates of origin employed are filled out in an incomplete of erroneous manner. Penalties can be assehed for an invalid claim of a free trade tariff treatment. So be sure to confirm the validity of your free trade certificates of origin

In the case of frequently imported goods, we recommend that you employ blanket certification (valid for a 12 month period). Once registered in our system your imported goods will continually benefit from the preferential rates of customs duty afforded under a specific free trade agreement.

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Signed Statement of Origin for Commercial Importations of less than US$ 2,500

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In the United States: For shipments with a declared value of $2,500 US and greater, a duly completed certificate of origin is required. For shipments valued at less than $2,500 US, you can use either a duly completed certificate of origin or a signed declaration.

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